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To reduce the use of chemical fertilisers the Government is Planning to Launch the PM PRANAM (Promotion of Alternate Nutrients for Agriculture Management Yojana) Scheme.

  • PRANAM Scheme Objectives: To encourage the balanced use of fertilisers in conjunction with biofertilisers and organic fertilisers.
  • Aim: To bring down the subsidy burden on chemical fertilisers, which is estimated to reach Rs 2.25 lakh crore in 2022-23 — 39% higher than 2021 figure of Rs 1.62 lakh crore.
  • The scheme will have no separate budget and will be financed through the “savings of existing fertiliser subsidy” under schemes run by the Department of Fertilizers.
  • 50% of subsidy savings will be passed on as a grant to the state that saves the money.
  • 70% of the grant provided under the scheme can be used for asset creation related to the technological adoption of alternate fertilisers and alternate fertiliser production units at the village, block and district levels.
  • The remaining 30% grant money can be used for rewarding and encouraging farmers, panchayats, farmer producer organisations and self-help groups that are involved in the reduction of fertiliser use and awareness generation.
  • The calculation of reducing chemical fertiliser use of urea in a year will be compared to the average consumption of urea during the last three years.
  • For this purpose, data available on a Fertilizer Ministry dashboard, IFMS (Integrated Fertilizers Management System) will be used.