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World’s Highest Railway Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir

World’s Highest Railway Bridge: It is being constructed over the Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir. The ₹1,250-crore bridge will be 359 meters above the Chenab river bed. The rail line is expected to be 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower. Once completed, it will surpass the record of the Beipan river Shuibai railway […]

World Air Quality Report 2020 : Findings

The ‘World Air Quality Report 2020’: It is a report on air quality released by Swiss organization, IQAir. The global cities ranking report is based on PM2.5 data from 106 countries, which is measured by ground-based monitoring stations, most of which are operated by government agencies. Air Pollution in Indian cities: Delhi is the world’s […]

Jharkhand State Employment Of Local Candidates Bill, 2021

The Jharkhand State Employment Of Local Candidates Bill, 2021: The Jharkhand government announced 75% reservation in private sector jobs with a salary of up to Rs 30,000 for locals. The bill will treat shops, establishments, mines, enterprises, industries, companies, societies, trusts, Limited Liability Partnership firms, and any person employing ten or more persons as the […]

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Bill, 2020 : Passed By Rajya Sabha

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020: The Rajya Sabha passed the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020 that increases the time period within which an abortion may be carried out. The Bill was passed in March last year in the Lok Sabha. Currently, abortion requires the opinion of one doctor if it is […]

World Energy Transitions Outlook Report 2021 : Findings

World Energy Transitions Outlook Report: The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) released the World Energy Transitions Outlook report. Key highlights of the report: Previewed at the virtual Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, which began on March 16, 2021, the report proposes energy transition solutions for the narrow pathway available to contain the rise of temperature to […]

Rule Curve of Mullaperiyar Dam : Issue

Mullaperiyar Dam Issue: The Supreme Court said the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary will be “personally responsible” and “appropriate action” will be taken on failure to give information on the ‘rule curve’ for the Mullaperiyar dam to the Supreme Court-appointed Supervisory Committee. The ‘rule curve’ in a dam decides the fluctuating storage levels in a reservoir. […]

What is Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)?

Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU): The President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) addressed Members of Parliament at the Central Hall of the Indian Parliament. IPU is an international organization of national parliaments. It was established in 1889 in Paris. It was founded by statesmen Frédéric Passy of France and William Randal Cremer of the United Kingdom. It […]

First Moving Supermassive Black Hole Discovered

First Moving Supermassive Black Hole: Scientists have discovered the first moving supermassive black hole whose mass is about three million times that of our Sun. The black hole was traveling within its own galaxy (J0437+2456) which is around 228 million light-years away from Earth. Scientists studied 10 faraway galaxies with supermassive black holes in the […]