SaaRthi Mobile App

SaaRthi Mobile App: Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has launched Saa₹thi – a mobile app on investor education. ‘R’ represents ‘₹’. It aims to create awareness among investors about the basic concepts of the securities market. The app will also explain about KYC process, trading and settlement, Mutual Funds (MF), recent market developments, […]

Devas-Antrix Deal

Devas-Antrix Deal: The controversial deal between Indian Department of Space’s commercial entity Antrix and Bengaluru-based startup Devas Multimedia has been under the scanner for more than a decade now. The International Telecommunication Union granted India S-band spectrum in the 1970s. Handing Over of Spectrum to ISRO: By 2003, there was a fear that the spectrum […]

Indian Cellular And Electronics Association (ICEA)

Indian Cellular And Electronics Association (ICEA): A report by the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has said that India’s policy of adopting high tariffs on the import of electronics components may prove to be counterproductive. ICEA is the apex industry body of the mobile and electronics industry comprising manufacturers. India has adopted high tariffs […]

Nusantara: New Capital Of Indonesia

Nusantara: Now The capital Of Indonesia The capital of Indonesia is being shifted from Jakarta to East Kalimantan, and will be called Nusantara (situated to the east of Borneo island). East Kalimantan is 2,300 kilometres from Jakarta on the eastern side of Borneo island, shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The new capital will be […]

Anti-Defection Law

Anti-Defection Law: Last week, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati called for a more stringent anti-defection law amid a string of politicians switching parties ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly election beginning next month. The practice of politicians deserting parties just ahead of elections is not unusual. And every time there are defections, the anti-defection […]

Steering Committee for SAMARTH

SAMARTH: Union Power Secretary chaired the second meeting of Steering Committee for SAMARTH (SUSTAINABLE AGRARIAN MISSION ON USE OF AGRO RESIDUE IN THERMAL POWER PLANTS)i.e. National Mission on Use of Biomass in coal based thermal Power Plants He reviewed the status of bio-mass co-firing and progress of the actions being taken to promote the co-firing […]