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What is Doomsday Scrolling?

Doomsday Scrolling: As Covid-19 has struck back to ravage our surroundings, most of us find ourselves continuously scrolling through pandemic-related news and social media feed — almost compulsively. That is what is called “doomscrolling” or “doomsday scrolling”. Doomsday Surfing refers to the tendency to continue to surf or scroll through bad news, even though that […]

Zeolite Cargo Flights

Zeolite Cargo Flights: National carrier Air India has begun the first of its “zeolite cargo flights” with the government of India has commenced the process of importing zeolite from across the world for use in medical oxygen plants. The government has appointed the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) as the charterer for these consignments. […]

PM CARES : Establishment of Oxygen Plant

PM CARES:: A plea was filed in the Supreme Court seeking a direction to utilise the PM-CARES fund for immediate procurement of vaccines and establishment of oxygen plants, generators and their installation in 738 district hospitals across the country. The petition said the government should loosen its PM-CARES purse strings and help common people in […]

India Continues To label Itself As a Country With No Community Transmission

India Continues To label Itself As a Country With No Community Transmission: As per the latest report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), India continues to label itself as a country with no Community Transmission (CT) since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries such as the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, France have all […]

Cultural Exchange Programme

Cultural Exchange Programme: The Minister of State for Culture discussed various issues under the Cultural Exchange Programme with his Mongolian counterpart. Highlights of the Meet: Strengthening the strategic partnership- established in 2015. The Cultural Exchange Program between India and Mongolia stands renewed until 2023. 10 dedicated ICCR scholarships for studying ‘Tibetan Buddhism’ have been allocated […]

Article 311 of the Indian Constitution

Article 311: Suspended police officer Sachin Waze, arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the Mukesh Ambani terror scare case, was dismissed from service by Mumbai Police Commissioner under Article 311 (2) (b) of the Indian Constitution without a departmental enquiry. Article 311 says that no government employee either of an all […]