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Sodium Ion Battery

Sodium Ion Battery: AR4 Tech has partnered Sodion Energy of Singapore to make sodium-ion battery packs for domestic and export markets. Sodium-Ion Battery generate electricity through a chemical reaction. These are made up of an anode, cathode, separator and electrolyte. In a sodium-ion battery, lithium ions are replaced with sodium ions in the battery’s cathode, […]

Emperor Penguin : Killed In The Antarctic Last Year

Emperor Penguin : Killed In The Antarctic Last Year Scientists recently said that up to 10,000 young Emperor penguin chicks were reportedly killed in the Antarctic late last year when the sea ice underneath them broke off. Emperor Penguin is the largest of the world’s penguin species found only in Antarctica. Scientific Name: Aptenodytes forsteri […]

National Judicial Data Grid

National Judicial Data Grid: The National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) has gained significant attention for its role in revolutionizing the way judicial proceedings are managed in India. National Judicial Data Grid is a database of orders, judgments and case details of 18,735 District & Subordinate Courts and High Courts created as an online platform under […]