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Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary : Disposal of Inert Waste

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary: The Supreme Court-mandated Ridge Management Board has decided to constitute an expert committee to look into the proposal of dumping inert (non-reactive) waste in the mines of Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary (Delhi). Inert waste is waste that is neither biologically nor chemically reactive and is waste that will not decompose or […]

What is Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) Technology?

Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) technology: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully conducted the test of the Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) technology, which is crucial for the indigenous development of long range air-to-air missiles. Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) Technology: SFDR technology is a missile propulsion system based on the concept […]

UNDP Report on Gender Equality : Temporary Basic Income

Protecting Women’s Livelihoods in Times of Pandemic: Temporary Basic Income and the Road to Gender Equality”: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its latest report named “Protecting Women’s Livelihoods in Times of Pandemic: Temporary Basic Income and the Road to Gender Equality” has proposed a Temporary Basic Income (TBI) for poor women in developing […]

Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited

Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited: Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited (IMPCL) has entered into a tie-up with the Government e-Market (GeM) portal for selling its products online. The deal between IMPCL and GeM was finalized on 03.03.2021 when GeM created 31 categories covering 311 medicines, which are life in the marketplace and IMPCL can now […]

El Salvador Declared Malaria-Free

El Salvador American country Declared Malaria-Free: El Salvador has become the first country in Central America and the third in all Americas to get the malaria-free certificate from the World Health Organization (WHO) in recent years. A malaria elimination certificate is awarded to a country when the chain of indigenous transmission of the disease has […]

India and Sweden Virtual Summit 2021

India – Sweden Virtual Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Sweden H.E. Stefan Löfven held a Virtual Summit where they discussed bilateral issues and other regional and multilateral issues of mutual interest. Prime Minister Modi recalled his 2018 visit to Sweden for the first India-Nordic Summit and the India visit of Their […]

India And Nigeria : First Strategic And Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

First Strategic And Counter-Terrorism Dialogue Between India And Nigeria: The National Security Adviser (NSA) of Nigeria visited New Delhi for the First Strategic and Counter-Terrorism Dialogue between India and Nigeria at the level of NSA. Within the framework of the close and strategic partnership between India and Nigeria, the National Security Advisors held in-depth discussions […]