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Segregation of Domestic Hazardous Waste

Domestic Hazardous Waste: Segregation of domestic hazardous waste remains a distant dream for most Indian cities in absence of robust framework and infrastructure. Indore is the only city in the country that safely handles its domestic hazardous waste. Domestic Hazardous Waste is any chemical or product that can cause serious illness or pose an environmental […]

National Technical Textiles Mission

National Technical Textiles Mission: The Ministry of Textiles cleared 20 strategic research projects worth Rs 30 crores in the areas of Specialty fibers and Geotextiles under the Programme ‘National Technical Textiles Mission.’ It was approved in 2020 by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) with the aim to position the country as a global […]

Oxfam Report: Inequality Kills

Oxfam Report: The Oxfam report titled “Inequality Kills’’ was released, the report pointed out a stark income divide worsened by the Covid pandemic, globally and in India. Magnitude of Growing Inequities: Widening economic, gender, and racial inequalities—as well as the inequality that exists between countries—are tearing our world apart. The wealth of the world’s 10 […]

Har Gobind Khorana: 100th Birth Anniversary

Har Gobind Khorana:100th Birth Anniversary The 100th birth anniversary of the biochemist and chemical biologist Har Gobind Khorana was observed. About Har Gobind Khorana: Born inJanuary 9, 1922, Raipur, India [now Raipur, Pakistan He began research on nucleic acids during a fellowship at the University of Cambridge (1951) under Sir Alexander Todd. He made another […]

Organization Of Islamic Cooperation

Organization Of Islamic Cooperation: After years, Iran diplomats return to Saudi Arabia to take up posts in Islamic forum. Arrival of Iranian delegation to Organization of Islamic Cooperation marks first such diplomatic move between Tehran, Riyadh since ties cut in 2016. In 2016, protesters attacked Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran after the kingdom executed revered […]

Undersea Volcanic Eruption : Tonga

Undersea Volcanic Eruption : Tonga A volcano erupted in the southern Pacific Island of Tonga, which triggered Tsunami waves around the Pacific. It is an Undersea Volcanic Eruption consisting of two small uninhabited islands, Hunga-Ha’apai and Hunga-Tonga. The Tonga Islands occur along the Ring of Fire—a perimeter of heightened volcanic and seismic activity that encircles […]

State Of The World Special Address: World Economic Forum Davos Agenda

State Of The World Special Address: World Economic Forum The Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered ‘State of the World’ special address at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda. The Prime Minister said that today, India is providing record number of software engineers. More than 50 lakh software developers are working in India. As compared to […]