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US Scientist Recently Discovered Quasicrystals

US Scientist Recently Discovered Quasicrystals: A US scientist recently discovered quasicrystals. The major difference between an ordinary crystal and a quasi-crystal is that the atomic patterns in quasi-crystals do not repeat themselves as that of an ordinary crystal. They are rare to occur naturally. However, can be created artificially. So far, we have discovered only […]

Millet International Initiative For Research And Awareness

Millet International Initiative For Research And Awareness: The Government of India is to launch Millet International Initiative for Research and Awareness. It is in line with the United Nations’ plans for the International Year of Millets, which is 2023. India brings in the concept of “SEED MONEY” in the initiative. Seed money, sometimes known as […]

ChatGPT-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot

ChatGPT-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot: The Ministry of Electronics and IT’s (MeitY) BHASHINI is working on a ChatGPT-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot to help Indian farmers learn about various government schemes. BHASHINI (BHASHa INterface for India) is India’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) led language translation platform. The launch of the WhatsApp chatbot may take time as ChatGPT currently relies on […]